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Author of Blog
Meet the blog author: James Scott Sparkman, Owner of Mercury Solar in Hawaii

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why are Hawaiians going solar?

Going solar is a big decision - but having your questions answered shouldn't be. No pressure. No gimmicks. Our goal is to provide you with clean power and a great return on your investment. Mercury Solar has installed hundreds of residential solar power systems. We're ready to help you switch to a solar energy system and take advantage of the tax credits and rebates available. You will not believe how easy and painless this is.

Solar Energy is an alternative energy source that improves the quality of the environment we live in and the air we breathe.

The use of these alternative sources is vital as our planet sees further industrial growth and a higher energy requirement.

The use of fossil fuels (such as oil, coal and gas) over alternative fuels (such as solar, wind and geothermal) results in the ever decreasing levels of these fossil fuels.

As the worlds reserves of fossil fuels reduce, prices will rise and conflict is likely to occur, so it is time we became less dependent on the relatively low quantities of fossil fuels, and more dependent on the use of alternative, renewable energies which are available to all.

The use of alternative energies is also a great way to bring electricity to remote locations, and provide a low cost electricity supply (after the initial investment of hardware).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Helping the Community

Hi All! I wanted you to know that we just completed sending in books packages to all High Schools in Hawaii, of really good reading materials. These books are proven to raise comprehension and to help reluctant readers "love reading".  I'm really proud of this and I'm doing this in addition to my actions to improve the world through Solar!

Mercury Solar Hawaii starts new trends to make Solar Energy Affordable

Ten years ago Photovoltaics were not  cost effective. Today with the various grants and government subsidies the average purchase can realize a two year payback.  Here is a web site that will give you more information on this technology: